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Online Only Collector Car Auction

Online Only Collector Car Auction

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 at 10:00 AM

Wednesday, October 13th, 2021 at 10:00 AM




As I have decided to liquidate part of my 60 year collection of Vehicles, Tractors & Parts on wiemanbid2buy.com by online only auction located at 25275 402nd Ave, Mitchell SD. Located from Mitchell, go 7 miles West on I-90 to Betts Road Exit, go ½ mile North, 1 mile West and 1 ½ miles North 




This is an online only auction with items starting to close at 10:00.  Wieman Land & Auction staff will be on auction site to assist anyone wanting to place bids on items.  Staff will be on location to settle and pick up items on sale day until 5:00, Thursday (October 14) 9:00 – 5:00 and Friday (October 15)  9:00 – 5:00.  There is no Buyer’s Premium.  SD Sales Tax of 4.5% will apply on all farm tractors, implements, parts and vehicles without titles.  All items to be settled for by Friday, October 15th and removed by October 28, 2021.


1993 Pontiac Firebird, V6, AT, A/C, 70,000 Miles, Super Sharp;  1979 Pontiac Firebird (Red Bird Package), V8, AT, Original, Sharp; 1955 Lincoln Capri 2 Door Hardtop V8, AT, Original & Sharp, was running order; 1951 Buick Rivera 2 Door HT, V8, AT, Very Original & Clean, Was Running; 1963 Ford TBird Convertible, V8, AT, Complete, Needs Restoration; 1949 Chevrolet 2 Dr Convertible, Complete, Needs Restoration; 1948 Plymouth 2 Dr Convertible, mostly complete, needs restoration;     1973 Dodge Polara Custom 2 Dr, V8, AT, 63,000 Miles, Not Running; 1959 Ford 4 Dr, No Motor or Trans, Straight & Original;  1928 Chevrolet 4 Dr Car, Not Complete;  1991 Lincoln Town Car, 4 Dr w/ Body Damage, Not Running;  1966 Ford Bronco V8, 3 Spd, Full Top, No Glass, Motor Stuck, Needs Restoration;  1960’s? IHC 800 Scout, 4x4, Full Cab, No Title, No Radiator; 1959 Ford Ranchero V8, AT, Complete, Motor Stuck;


1940 Plymouth Pickup, Mostly Complete, Needs Restoration, No Title;  1979 Ford F100 Pickup, 6 Cyl, 3 Spd, Not Running, Has Title;  1977 Ford F150 Pickup, 4x4, Has Title; 1975 Ford F150 Ext Cab Pickup, 2WD, Has Title; 1975 Ford F350 1 Ton Dually, V8, 4 Spd, Flatbed, Has Title;  1960 Ford C600 Cabover Truck, V8, 18’ Flatbed, Has Title;  1976 Ford F150 Pickup, 4x4, V8, 4 Spd, Bad Motor, Has Title; 1940 Ford Truck Cab & Chassis, No Title;  1951 Ford F5 Truck Cab & Chassis, Has Title;  1949-54? Chevy Loadmaster Truck Cab & Chassis, No Title;  1946 Chevy Truck Cab & Chassis, No Title;  1962 Ford F500 Dually Truck w/ Flatbed, No Title;  1963-64? Chevy C30 1 Ton Cab & Chassis, No Title;  1956 Dodge 1 Ton Dually Truck Cab & Chassis, V8, 4 Spd, Has Title;  1966 Ford 1 Ton Dually Cab & Chassis, No Title;  1986 Ford Ranger, Reg Cab, 4x4, V6, AT, Not Running, No Title;  New/Unused 2004 Utility 4x4 2 Wheel Trailer, No Bed on it;


Mead Mighty Mouse Mini Crawler/Loader, 36” Bucket, 7” Tracks, Loose, Not Running, Very Unusual; 1966 JD 2510 Gas Tractor, WF, 3 pt, Synchro, Total Restore, Very Sharp, Shows 3136 Hrs, Bought new by Dale;  1955 Ford 650 Gas, WF, 3 pt, 5 Sp Trans, New Rubber, Restored;  1966 Ford 871, Gas, WF, 3 pt, SelectoSpeed, New Rubber, Restored; 44 Ford 2N on Full Steel, Restored;  44 Ford 2N w/ Cab, Restored; 50 Ford 8N with ½ Tracks, New Rubber, Restored; 53 Ford Golden Jubilee, WF, 3 pt, Fully Restored, Sharp;  54 Ford NAA, WF, 3 pt, Engine & Clutch OH, Restored, Sharp;  64 Ford 4000 Gas Utility, SelectoSpeed, WF, 3 pt, Original; 59 Ford 961 Gas, WF, 3 pt, 5 Speed, Original; 59 Ford 871 Gas, WF, 3 pt is a Gold Demonstrator model repainted with 4000 decals; 55 Ferguson 35, Gas, WF, 3 pt, Originally green & gray;  64 Ford 4000 LP Gas, WF, 3 pt, SelectoSpeed, Loose, not running;  Ford 8N, WF, 3 pt, with 6 Cylinder Conversion, Older Restoration;  51 Ferguson 30 Gas, WF, 3pt;  63 Ford 6000 Diesel, SelectoSpeed, WF, 3 pt, ran recently;  61 Ford 6000 D, WF, 3 pt, SelectoSpeed, Not Running;  Fordson Dexta, Diesel WF, 3 pt, 8 Sp; 53 Ford 2000 Gas, WF, Airport Tug w/ MF 200 Loader; (2) Topeka/Ford Highway Mower Trucks w/ 5’ Sickle Mower, Needs Restoration;  IHC 122 Cub Cadet Riding Mower, Gear Drive, No Deck, Not Running;  JD PT Subsoiler, Repainted;  Case PT Breaking Plow, Repainted; IH 3 Bottom PT Plow;  Dearborn 3 pt Implements (Buzz Saw, Post Auger, Blade, Rear Mtd Manure Loader, Slip Scraper, 2 Blade HD Disk Plow, 2 Bottom Plow, 3 Bottom Plow;  (2) 2 Row Cultivators, 2 Row Cultivator w/ Front Mtd Gang w/ Lift Assist, Dearborn Loader, Davis Loader);  MF 3 pt Sickle Mower w/ 9’ Bar; Rear Steel Wheels for 8N, 9N or 2N;  Set of front & rear skeleton steel weights for 8N, 9N or 2N; Asst of weights;  Large assortment of Ford Tractor Parts;  Asst of IHC Parts;

AUCTIONEERS NOTE:   This is a condensed list. For more info, visit wiemanbid2buy.com    To inspect all items,    OPEN HOUSES:     Saturday, October 2nd  9 AM – 4 PM; Thursday, October 7th  9 AM – 4 PM;  Tuesday, October 12th & Sale Day